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TCS Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2019

To first of all take care of what to do in such big Tech Companies’ Off Campus Interviews once you like think of getting into them are some important aspects you should always remember i.e., your dress code, your way of walking, your way of talking, the way you should communicate to others in the premises of the Company. The most important of all is your attention,  being attentive is one of the most observable things in an interview. You might not think it as important as you roam around and only care of your interview (which by default everybody does). Paying attention to what is instructed to you and making it your priority to reach to every panel on time is surely counted. I would like to share my experience which happened Off Campus. I was interviewed by three panelists on the same time*.

Round 1: It was that panel on which I was asked all about my Programming skills and what is my coding status. The interviewer (Panelist) asked me for my CV before all and then by just asking  my name he straight forwardly jumped onto what all languages I know (by languages, it was understood that I am being asked for my Programming languages). I knew Java, C++, Android, Prolog (used in Artificial Intelligence majorly) and SQL (cannot be called a language though). The panelist then started asking me questions regarding them and also made me write code for few. The panelist then asked about my projects and related IT stuff. What you need to take care is of confidence, this is what you are supposed to take with you in any interview you go. During this time, if you fail to show that you are confident upon your programming skills, then you will definitely be put in a position where you will start doubting your own answer if this is the first time you heard of something that you answered. Clearing this round is not that difficult of how much it sounds.

Round 2: It was the round in which the panelist was HR (Human Resources) and it was kind of Confidence check interview. In this  I was asked about my Personal Details including what all skills I have, after I replied I was made to face a questions that challenged my leadership skills, I answered that confidently and without any fear. The Panelist appreciated me of my answer and asked if could relocate and all. I said yes, now, here is a tip for you, if you think you cannot relocate to the area they are saying to, say yes for the time being and you can change your location in future then. HR Interview asks more about your relation management skills for the future co-operation in the Company. They would ask if you can do work or a task assigned by them on a particular software you are not comfortable or on the one you never worked on. Say yes, as of other people’s experience, if you add that you are an avid learner, why would anybody not take a gist upon you, why not he would believe that he is the one or she is the one. Taking this to the heights, one can only learn and go through everything becoming perfect and skilled.

*All the three panelists were seated on a same desk and i was sitting in front of them.

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