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TCS Interview Experience | Set 38 (Off-Campus)

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I attended the TCS Off Campus drive conducted for 2017 Batch.

Round 1: First round was Written Exam.

It consists of Email where some words are given and you  have to write the email accordingly in 10 mins. After that Aptitude where there would be 30 Questions. I answered 24 questions. But for most of my friends it was not the same. After that there were 10 questions on C. 4 questions based on what is the output of given program. Others questions were like which of the following is user defined datatype. Which data type occupies the largest space. How to close a file and some other basic questions. I took my exam on Jan 31 2018. The results were out on Feb 2 2018 and I’ve cleared the written exam

Round 2: My interview was scheduled on Feb 17 2018. As there were many candidates TR and MR both were conducted at a time. After that if qualified HR was conducted. Once I went in for my TR, MR

They asked me to sit and pass my Resume. I was waiting for nearly 5 hours by then, the TR asked me looks like your so fresh did you come just now. I said No I’ve been waiting for past 5 hours. Next they asked me would you like to have some water. I said No thank you, in the mean time they saw my Resume. The TR asked me what is your name. I told my Full name then he went on to ask me my B.Tech percentage next Intermediate percentage and Tenth percentage. I got 88% in Tenth. He asked me why so less. I said something like I gave my best back then.

The he said lets start the technical interview. He asked me questions in C

Firstly he asked me what is the internal function of printf ?

Next he asked me what is typedef ?

Next he asked me how would you define a constant variable ?

Next he asked how is stdio.h useful what is the purpose of the function ?

Next he asked me to write a C program where 1 to 7 should be printed 8 9 10 should not be and 11 to 20 should be using break and continue. I could not write but I explained how to write and what is break and continue.

Then he said you may leave and asked me do you have any questions. I said no thank you he asked me to leave I waited for 30 mins the results were out and I was selected for the next round.

Round 3: HR Round

She asked me to pass my TCS application form

Introduce Yourself

Explain what you did after pass out in 2017 June


What are the major developments in TCS and what applications did TCS develop ?

What is the work force of TCS

Do you know the service agreement policy ?

She told me Your employment with TCS is subject to background check. I said okay with a slight smile. She said you may leave for the day.

The results were out by Feb 18 23:48 pm and I was selected

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Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2018
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