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TCS Digital Interview Experience

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Recently I got selected for TCS DIGITAL, which was held in the month of October 2020. In this blog, I will share my experience.

I got the test mail 2 days before the test(test on 3rd & 4th October). So, I thought there is less time to prepare and started preparing the Basics of coding and Aptitude. I went through several Aptitude topics that have more weightage questions in the previous years.

Coming to the technical preparation, as I’m good at python I went through the basics of python. If we are good at basics in everything that we are going to attempt, then we can tackle any type of question.

Few Platforms I used to learn Coding: HackerrankI, GeeksforGeeks.

One week later written test results came out and I got cleared it.

Interview Experience: My interview was held on October-16-2020.

So, coming to the interview I thought to make certain strategies. Firstly, I went through my project which was done and this was the most important thing. As digital interview needs certain technologies like AI, IoT, Cloud Technology, ML, Full Stack Development so, I revised some basics of them.

In Interview: 3members-TR, MR, HR

TR(Technical): At first, TR asked me for an intro, and he started asking questions from my core subjects (ECE)& I answered quite well. Later on, he started focusing on my projects and asked to explain them(explained). As I mentioned Python as my Technical skill, he asked a few basic questions like what are tuples, the reverse of a string, several Python libraries, and modules.

MR(Managerial): Here comes my toughest part of the Interview(which I felt), MR asked several questions like what is your biggest achievement, why you have done computer projects although you’re from ECE, Some scenario-based questions, well it’s done.

HR: HR verified like Are you okay with shifts, relocation, etc.

This was my whole experience Hope it will help you.

Thank you.

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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