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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2021

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TCS Digital Interview Experience

There were two rounds- Round 1 has consisted of MCQs(English and Quant) and coding questions,  Round 2 was the Interview round (Technical, Managerial, and HR combined)

Round 1: It consisted of 3 sections – English, Quantitative Aptitude, and Advanced Coding. The difficulty of the Quantitative section was a little hard as compared to other sections. The exam was of 110 minutes – English(10 minutes), Quantitative Aptitude(40 minutes), and Advanced Coding(60 minutes). 

Round 2: Tt consisted of three rounds – Technical, Managerial, and HR (All conducted at the same time for a duration of about 40 minutes)

Round 3: Technical

The technical interview would be mostly based on your CV. If the interviewer would find something interesting in it, he would focus on that field putting some cross-sections in that field, otherwise, he would proceed with some common questions in your degree domain. Most of my questions were about my projects, especially on one of my projects based on NLP(AI).

  • Tell me about your projects. Explained the projects mentioned in my resume.
  • Asked 4-5 questions regarding my one specific project. (Issues faced, alternative tech stack/algorithm, scale of implementation of project) Tried to explain them in brief.
  • What is a deadlock?
  • Explained the concept and how it arises.
  • What features do you expect in Windows 11?
  • Explained UI changes, improved security, and mac-like interface.
  • What features would you like to add to Windows if you were a software developer in Windows?
  • Mentioned some security features, taking the example of Linux.
  • What do you know about R-Programming?
  • Explained the need for R-Programming, and some common R-programs that I have done.

Note: Both Operating Systems and R-Programming were mentioned in my CV.

Round 4: Managerial

  • It basically tested my interests based on new technology and how would you explain its advantages.
  • Assume that I am an investor, how would you impress me with the idea of your project so that I could invest my money in your project.
  • Tried to explain the uniqueness of my project, and how it can be deployed to generate revenue.
  • Explain to me about cloud technology and how do you think its impacts in the near future.
  • Explained about cloud computing and some of its fields of application.
  • Tell me about the most important achievement in your life.
  • Mentioned some of my achievements.

Round 5: HR

  • It was based on details regarding your working preference and willingness to work in the organization.
  • Do you have any current offers?
  • If you have multiple offer letters, which offer letter would you prefer to accept?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Mentioned according to my resume skills.
  • Will you be able to relocate and work in any shift assigned? Yes, completely flexible.
  • It was a good experience and I was selected.

Around 30% of the candidates who got selected in Round 1, got selected after Round 2(Interview).

All the Best

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Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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