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TCS Digital Interview Experience | Set 41 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2022
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Round 1: It was a National Qualifier Test of 180 minutes held in our campus premises. It had 6 sections namely :

  1. English Proficiency – Basic para jumbles, synonyms and other types of questions.
  2. Quantitative Aptitude – This section assesses the mathematical, analytical and logical
    aptitude of the candidate. The questions can be from:
    1. Permutations and Combinations
    2.Basic counting techniques
    3.Principle of inclusion and exclusion
    4.Permutations and combinations of non-distinct objects
    5.Elementary partitions
    6.Simple combinatorial probability
    7.Conditional probability
    8.Divisibility by prime numbers
    9.Elementary modulo arithmetic
    10.Elementary algebra
    11.Expansions using Binomial theorem
    12.Roots of polynomials
    13.Relations between roots and coefficients
    14.Averages, Mean, median and mode
    15.Time and distance related concepts
    16.Elementary Geometry,
    17.Pythagoras theorem
    18.Congruence and similarity of triangles
    19.Area and circumference of circle
    20.Elementary trigonometry
    21.Basic algorithmic thinking
  3. Agility – I guess, we need to write a JAVA code using api methods and get the desired result.
  4. Lateral Thinking –  Make words from the characters of different words of length greater than four and give a phrase to the picture.
  5. Programming Logic – Basic questions involving programming logic, Algorithms and Data Structures.
  6. Advanced Coding – 60 mins for solving one coding question.

Out of 144 students, They only shortlisted 23 students for the interview process held at TCS, Gitanjali Park. Fortunately, I was one of them.

Round 2 (Interview Technical and HR):

First they asked me introduce myself . They were not expecting things written on my CV.

Q.They asked questions on my summer Internship at EBIW Info Analytics Pvt. Ltd. They asked in depth about the project. They asked questions on the technology used, how you will make that model robust, how will you make that model agile, and many more other in depth things.

Q. Then asked me some question from DBMS. What is Normalisation? Do you know about Denormalisation? What are the types of Normal Forms? Explain briefly each of them.

Q. Then after seeing my CV, they started asking question on Web Technologies like :  HTML, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT. Where do we use Ajax? Have you implemented any project using Ajax? Have you done any project involving the use databases? Which technology you used for handling databases?

Q. What is SQL Injection?

Q. What is recursion? Write an program tp print permutations of a string using recursive approach.

Q. Since I had some projects of android. They asked me about those projects. Luckily I have some of my developed apps in my phone. I showed it to them. They were literally very impressed.

Q. In which field you will like to work and why namely development or testing?

Q. How you will learn a new technology ? Depending on the requirement of project.

Q. Then they asked to give some innovative ideas for projects involving new technologies like : IOT, etc. I gave them an example of speed breaker electricity generator. They said nice idea.

Q. Then some of the basic questions from HR like:

  1. Tell me your weaknesses.
  2. Four factors that motivates you.
  3. How do you entertain yourself.
  4. Are you creative? Give one use of pen except writing. I replied : It may be funny mam, But we can use it for scratching ears. They laughed and one the interviewers said cool answer. 🙂
  5. What are your location preferences.
  6. At last they asked me about my greatest achievement.

This round was of almost 60-70 minutes.

They declared the results after 4 days. They selected 9 out of 23 students from our college. I was one of them 🙂



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