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Schlumberger an oil – field, and drilling company visited our campus for Summer Internship in December – 2020 for 3rd Year B.Tech students for different… Read More
Schlumberger is an oil-field service company and was in our college campus for hiring the interns for software section in Pune. Round 1: Aptitude Test… Read More
Schlumberger posted a opening at FirstNaukri portal For MCA, also coordinated with our TAP to get people. Actually, it came in 6th semester when we… Read More
I recently went for an interview with Schlumberger – one of the giants in the oilfield sectors. I qualified their coding test comprising of two… Read More
Schlumberger gave a visit to my Campus for recruiting 3rd year Btech students as interns for different roles. They outsourced the initial shortlisting to… Read More
Round 1: He completely talked about CV. First he started with Tell me about yourself then what have you have in big data analytics project. Why… Read More