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Schlumberger (PITC) Pune Interview Experience – Internship

Last Updated : 06 Aug, 2019
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Schlumberger gave a visit to my Campus for recruiting 3rd year Btech students as interns for different roles.

They outsourced the initial shortlisting to and hence the first two rounds were taken by First Naukri.

Round 1 – Coding and Aptitude :

  • Doable aptitude questions – Time and work, reasoning, couple of speed distance questions and other easy aptitude questions.
  • Medium level Coding question – only one – Mirror a binary tree

Round 2 – Telephonic Interview :

  • This was quite abrupt so be prepared for it before hand, I received the call outof the blue.
  • The Interview was more about getting a feel of how good I am at my communication, academics and a bit of evaluation of how good I sound technically.
  • I basically gave the interviewer whole picture of what I did in my 3 years of college, I focused on my participation in clubs and chapters, the workshops that I had conducted and other achievements of my college life.

Round 3 – Technical Interview :

  • After clearing the first two rounds I had a hangout call for the technical Interview.
  • I had a lot in my resume, so the interviewer was busy evaluating me using that only. He asked about my projects and other internships that I did, the challenges that I faced and how I overcame all the hindrances.
  • For others, the interview did ask them a lot from DSA, DBMS ( many SQL commands as well). (Yes, I was lucky that my interviewer didn’t ask me these).
  • He asked me few questions like “Do you prefer Microsoft technologies or Google technologies?” I wasn’t sure which one the company used so I gave a diplomatic answer saying, “It depends on the application and the better technology present at that time, obviously that can be found out by a little research”

Round 4 – HR :

  • The HR interview was also on a hangout call, it was also abrupt, I got a call asking me if I am available and had the interview call just 5 minutes later.
  • The HR interview was very casual, I almost repeated what I told the interviewer in the telephonic round.
  • The HR was friendly and we had a couple of chuckles until it was over.

Present Update – I completed my 2 months internship, did 3 projects while I was there, my whole team and manger were happy. I also received a Pre Placement Offer.

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