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ArrayList is part of the collection framework. It is a List and implements the java.util.list interface. ArrayList is a better alternative to Arrays, especially if… Read More
Given n electric components and m electric wires to connect them where each wire has a length. Find the optimized wire length between the two… Read More
The List interface allows storing the ordered collection. It is a child interface of Collection. It is an ordered collection of objects in which duplicate… Read More
In Java, the class interface or enum expected error is a compile-time error. There can be one of the following reasons we get “class, interface,… Read More
Unordered Collections in java does not provide any order i.e. the elements cannot be accessed using specific indexing or ordering as we could in the… Read More
For removing one array from another array in java we will use the removeAll() method. This will remove all the elements of the array1 from… Read More
BufferedReader.lines() is the method of the  Java Buffered Reader Class in the Java Library which returns lines in terms of Stream and from this Buffered… Read More
For traversing a linked list in reverse order we can use Descending Iterator or List Iterator 1.  Descending Iterator Syntax: LinkedList<String> linkedlist = new LinkedList<>();… Read More
TreeSet is mainly an implementation of SortedSet in java where duplication is not allowed and objects are stored in sorted and ascending order. TreeMap is… Read More
ArrayList class in Java is basically a resizable array i.e. it can grow and shrink in size dynamically according to the values that we add… Read More
BitMatrix is a two-dimensional array in which each element is either 0 or 1. We will implement a BitMatrix facilitating basic bit operations such as… Read More
In Java, strings are objects that are backed internally by a char array. So to convert a string to a byte array, we need a… Read More
The Levenshtein distance also called the Edit distance, is the minimum number of operations required to transform one string to another. Typically, three types of… Read More
A Component is one of the core building blocks of React. In other words, we can say that every application you will develop in React… Read More
To get TreeSet Element Greater than Specified Element using ceiling() Method in Java. The ceiling method in Java return the least element in the set… Read More

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