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STP stands for Standard Temperature and Pressure it provides a standardized reference point for the measurement and comparison of physical and chemical properties of substances,… Read More
The temperature at which the resistor’s resistance equals the noise power produced by the circuit or device is known as the effective noise temperature. Use… Read More
One atom is unrestricted in its movement in space along the X, Y, and Z axes. Each of these actions, however, uses energy. This is… Read More
Surface area (A) and time duration have a direct relationship with the amount of heat radiated (Q) (t). Therefore, it is practical to think about… Read More
Physics is a branch of science that studies matter, its fundamental compositions, motion, behavior through space and time, and their relations with energy and force.… Read More
Capillary tubes, also known as narrow cylindrical tubes, have very small diameters. It is observed that the liquid in the capillary either rises (or) decreases… Read More
It is important to know the term radiation so that we can better comprehend what radiation pressure is. Radiation is defined as a source of… Read More
Electricity has become an essential part of our modern lives. We need electricity to light up the dark room and run all our appliances like… Read More
Electricity is an integral part of our lives. In our daily life, we need electricity to run lights, fans, air conditioners, computers, etc. So, what… Read More
The angle on the level plane between magnetic and true north is known as magnetic declination. When the magnetic north is east of the true… Read More
Kinematics is the science of studying the motion of points, objects, and groups of objects while neglecting their causes. Kinematics is a field of classical… Read More
When the velocity changes, the acceleration changes as well, but not in the same direction. As a result, an object moving along a circular path… Read More
Beam Deflection is defined as a phenomenon in which some load is used to deflect a body. In other words, it is the deflection of… Read More
Static electricity is defined as an imbalance of electric charges in a body, especially the negative and positive charges. In other words, the discharge of… Read More
The speed of a moving item at a given point in time while retaining a specific direction is known as instantaneous velocity. With the passage… Read More