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Tableau – Objects on Dashboard

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In this article we will learn how to Objects on dashboard in tableau. 

  • Tableau : Tableau is a very powerful data visualization tool that can be used by data analysts, scientists, statisticians, etc. to visualize the data and get a clear opinion based on the data analysis. Tableau is very famous as it can take in data and produce the required data visualization output in a very short time.
  • Dashboard : A dashboard could also be a set of several views, letting you compare a selection of data simultaneously. For example, if you’ve got a group of views that you simply review a day , you’ll create a dashboard that displays all the views directly , instead of navigate to separate worksheets.

Steps to create objects on Dashboard:

1. Open Tableau tool and click on Show start Page.

2. Click on square+ sign to open a new dashboard.

3. You will find some dashboard objects as given :

4. To use an object, click on the available objects.

Example 1:

In this example we will show how to add a web page to dashboard.

Example 2:

In this example we will show how to use different features (edit url, and specially the floating nature) given for a web page object in a dashboard.

Example 3:

Similarly, here we can illustrate the use of image object in dashboard.

Example 4:

Below is an example which illustrates the use of multiple objects (here image, webpage and text) in a single dashboard.

One can remove the object by clicking on cross sign or click on remove from dashboard followed by clicking down arrow.

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Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2020
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