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Sprinklr Interview Experience for SDET | 1.5 Years Experienced

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2021

I received an online test invite for SDET at Sprinklr from a recruiter. The first round was an online test of 60 minutes in HackerEarth and consisted of MCQ related to aptitude, selenium, java. After 3 days I received mail that I have been shortlisted for further rounds

Round 1:

  • Some basic java coding problems and Collection framework
  • Selenium-based questions and writing code snippets for the same 
  • Some real-life scenario-based testing questions 
  • API testing-based questions like status codes etc.

Round 2:

  • Basic Java concepts like OOPS, abstract class, interface, collections framework, differences between list and map
  • Basic coding problems and their complexity like Anagram (I did it by sorting the character array but interviewer insisted me on doing it with hashMap) and finding no of 1’s in a sorted binary array
  • Selenium-based code snippets for a login page, clicking right-click, selecting from the dropdown, taking a screenshot.
  • 3 Bulb and switch puzzle,
  • Test scenarios and test cases on a pen

Round 3: It was taken by a senior QA Manager and it started with a basic introduction and reason for leaving the company and then he went on to ask technical questions

  • Coding questions again on string manipulation
  • Then he sent some java based I/O questions and asked me to give output along with the explanation
  • Automation framework related questions and code snippets 
  • Test scenarios and test cases on the WhatsApp app, API testing, and automation framework

Round 4: This was a managerial round and interviewers were VP and Quality head of the company and they asked more about my work, day-to-day activities in my current project, high-level discussion on the current project’s framework, and some questions from my resume.

Round 5: This was taken by the head of HR and he asked some behavioral questions and cultural fit questions. It was a great experience and I suggest one should focus on the language of your choice and master it,  for SDET profile you should be very good with:-

  • String concepts and collection framework specially hashmap and 
  • good hold on selenium methods, locating web elements technique and
  • practice creating test scenarios of real-life objects and some well know applications and last but not least
  • should know your project framework.
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