Sprinklr Interview Experience for SDE

Sprinklr visited our campus(IIT BHU, Varanasi) for Full Time placement.

Round 1:

It was an online test conducted on hackerearth. Test consisted of 3 coding questions. 2 of them were of easy difficulty level and 1 question was of moderate to hard. People who solved 2 easy questions and scored 60% marks in hard one was selected for interview rounds.

Round 2:

It was technical interview. Main focus of this round was on Problem solving skills and puzzles. The interviewer was very frank and of very helping nature. He helped me in solving a puzzle problem when i was stuck. He asked me to solve some coding questions those were of easy level. And I solved all the coding problems easily.

Overall I can say that it was an easy round. Anyone who has basic programming skills and a little practice on solving puzzles can get through this round.

Round 3:

Another technical interview in which interviewer asked some more coding problems. Again, coding questions were easy and most of them are already available on Geeksforgeeks. He mainly focused on Resume. He asked about everything written in my resume. He was asking deeply on some topics. So my advise is to don’t lie on your resume and prepare well before interview. You should have clear understanding of every keyword written in your resume. And simpy say no if you don’t know something, it will not hamper your overall performance but being caught lying will surely do.

Then he explained me about company. What the company does and what are the career benefits i will have if i join sprinklr.

Round 4:

It was HR round. This round was to check whether one can fit into company culture. She asked some questions related to my personal interest. Some of the questions asked to me are,

How do you think you are best fit for this company?

This question was supposed to be answered carefully. I will suggest to point out skills relevant to your roll in company and tell about your achievement or experience in that skill.

Tell me about an incident when you handled pressure and achieved your target?

Here, I explained about a situation in my internship tenure and she was pretty impressed with my reply.

At last, she asked me if I have any question for her. Asking questions to interviewer is a good sign as it shows your interest in company.

Finally, I got the offer.

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