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Sourcefuse Technologies Interview Experience (On Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2020

Job Title: Junior Engineer

Round 1: Online Round

500 students appeared in this round. This round has five sections.

  • Section A: Behavioural Analysis, 3 questions to be solved in 5 min
  • Section B ( MCQ Apptitude questions) All were from  Indiabix. 9 questions to be solved in 5 min
  • Section C (20 MCQ OOPS). 8 questions to be solved in 10 min
  • Section D ( MCQ Data Structures) mostly related to trees, stack queue, array, linked list. 12 questions to be solved in 15 min
  • Section E( 3 Coding question) first one was very easy, second and third were difficult related to DP and matrix. (45 min)

The shortlisted students for interviews were only those who were able to code at least 2 questions.

Round 2: Technical Interview Round 1

35 students were shortlisted for this round. This round was they asked web development questions. They asked related to HTML, CSS, PHP. After they asked Data structures question (Gave two coding question)

  • The first one was to print the tree in a spiral form.
  • The second one was to find the number with n divisors in the given range.

Then they asked several SQL queries related to joins.

After some basic concept of Operating System

  • What id deadlock and its conditions?
  • What are semaphores? How is it useful in removing deadlock.
  • Difference b/w multiprogramming, multiprocessing, multitasking?
  • What is demand paging, fragmentation, and its different types?

This round took place for 1.5hrs

Round 3:Technical Interview Round 2

12 were shortlisted for this round

This round was fully based on web technologies. They were more focussed on hiring a candidate with good knowledge of the web and should have good problem-solving skills. They also asked questions like

  • Why we use angular? Its advantage over other technologies.
  • What are single-page applications?
  • How is node better and fast?

This round took place for 1/2hr

Round 3: HR Round

5 were shortlisted for this round

This was a simple round. HR asked me to introduce and then asked about my family. They asked why you want to join this company. HR was very cool. Very easy round. No rejection in this round.

All five of them were offered.

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