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Sopra Steria Interview Experience

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Today was my interview of Sopra Steria in Noida

Round 1:It was held on our campus.It is Technical round.They will provide you a link.Then you have to first give the technical round.In this round, there were 30 questions in which 15 were from DBMS and 15 were from C and Data Structures.It was quite easy if u have basic knowledge of all of them.
After submitting this round if u cleared this round then the message will be shown on the screen like “Congratulations and so on”.This means you are eligible to give next round.
Most of the students was not selected because of lack of knowledge in DBMS.
Out of 125, 50 got to go for next round.

Round 2:It is an aptitude round.The questions were based on flowchart.Like a flowchart and an array will be given.Then at the end of the flowchart, u were asked to find out the change value of box1.These questions are logical.You have to do dry and run.You can also practice them on placement season.Those who cleared this round were almost there to be selected.
Out of 50, 20 got to go for next round.

Round 3:Group discussion but they don’t conduct it.If the students are more than their efficiency only then they will ask for the GD.
After this we have to go to there office.

Round 4:It is the technical round.All questions will be asked from the resume.So mention only those this about which you are confident.Don’t mention project if you don’t know about it.
Questions which were asked to me are as follows: I-Interviewer, M-Me
I-Tell me about yourself
M-Told about me
I-On what you are confident?
M-told about prrogramming language on which i was most confident.
I-What is OOPS concept?
M-Give the definition and pillars also.
I-How can we identify that where we have to use OOPS concept and where we don’t have to?
M-Explained my previous answer in detail.
I-Difference between Object oriented programming and not-object oriented programming?
M-again explained with reference to my previous answer.
I-Explain inheritance and write on the paper.
M-Told and write two classes.
I-What do you mean by RDBMS?
M-Told the definition.
I-What are the other storage thing before RDBMS?
M-Told about file processing system and its disadvantages.
I-What are joins?
M-Explain its usage and types
I-Write the query two merge two tables with INNER Join.
M-I wrote it.
I-How can we rename a column in a query?
I-What does this renaming process called as?
I-Write a program to print the sum of nth terms.
I-Ok now tell me about your family background.
I-What do you want to be in your life?
M-I told him.
I-Do you have any other plan to study more?
M-No sir
I-Any questions you have?
This round took 20 minutes i guess.

Tips:Be confident even if you are wrong.Its ok to do mistakes.Speak in English.After giving each answer give a smile to him.Don’t be too fast that it seems like you are in hurry and you have to go somewhere.Listen carefully before you speak.
Practice before going for an interview.
Interviewer was very sweet.They try to make you comfortable.

No one got eliminated.Eliminations done on result only.

Round 5:It is an HR round.Questions were about which domain do you want?Are you comfortable with the night shifts and relocation and bond of 3years?
Tip:Say yes even if you are not.
Out of 20, 15 got selected.

Every round was an elimination round. You just have to be confident.

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Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2019
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