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Sopra Steria Interview Experience | Set 1 (Full Time)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 06 Dec, 2017

Round 1: Aptitude Test 2hrs

This round was divided into 2 sections , aptitude and technical sections . Aptitude questions contained only flowcharts based questions. Technical questions included sql, C++ , algorithm based output questions. This round was strict in terms of elimination.

Round 2: Hr Round

They would ask general hr questions but for the sake of shortlisting they focus on following criteria :

Are you …

  1. comfortable with night shifts
  2. comfortable with relocation anywhere in India or Europe
  3. 2 years bond

Round 3: Technical Round

This round was focused on sql based queries and normalisation. Simple algorithm based question for finding max in an array.
Another question was to flip 1 -> 0 and 0 -> 1 only using arithmetic operators. (Solution :  (1-x) would flip 1 and 0 to 0 and 1 respectively.) . They also asked to explain the projects mentioned on your resume so be thorough with that.

All rounds were elimination based .

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