Smart Mirror using the concept of IoT

A Smart Mirror may be a two-way mirror with an inbuilt display behind the glass.
The device was to look like a regular mirror but would have a screen inside and you would be able to interact with it using voice commands, hand gestures and smartphone. The raspberry pi is programmed using python and connects to a monitor with inbuilt speaker to provide onscreen interface and voice assistance.


  1. Two way mirror
  2. Monitor
  3. Raspberry pi 3
  4. Power adapter for raspberry pi
  5. Micro SD card (32GB) and HDMI cable
  6. HC-SRO4 ultrasonic distances sensor
  7. Jumper wires, Registers, Plates
  8. Frame and back support

Working Procedure:
On start, after giving power supply to mirror the raspberry loads the Operating System and directly runs the User Interface of the mirror.
A power saving mode is additionally provided to the mirror by attaching a ultrasonic range detector sensor on the highest of the mirror.
On fully loading the knowledge required the mirror now shows notification from different social sites as per the user has logged in.


  • Touch Screen
  • LED Lighting
  • Motion sensor
  • Voice control
  • Facial recognition


  1. Easy to communicate
  2. User friendly
  3. Voice input
  4. Fast and easy images replacement
  5. Adjustable images switching times


  1. Swipe gestures are sometimes unreliable.
  2. Lack of human interaction.

We believe that the future of the home will be a brilliantly connected ecosystem of smart technology designed to make your life easier, more enjoyable, and efficient.
Obviously, there are plenty of opportunities within the home for technology integration but a mirror is one among the simplest places to start out.

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