short notes on report writing software

Definition of Report: A business report is a document that conveys specific information about your business to other individuals those can be investors, employees, managers or other superior.

Report Writing Software:It consist of programs that produce both periodic reports and special reports.

  1. Periodic Reports:They are routine reports on a scheduled time(periodically). These reports are issued weekly, quarterly, or annually. For example, feedback.
  2. Specific Reports: They are type of unscheduled report that may be requested by managers.

Steps of writing a Report:

  1. Define the problem.
  2. Gather the necessary information.
  3. Analyse the information.
  4. Organize the information.
  5. Write report.

Principles of writing a Report:

  1. One should highlight the important information- managers should not have to waste their time searching the information they need.
  2. Report should be as simple as possible- should be in simple format, consistency of language should be maintained, free from jargon etc.
  3. Backup detail should be available.

Presentation Modes:

  1. Graphic Form: Used when the information is not quantitative or an overview is needed, pictures can be used.
  2. Tabular Form: Frequently used, which tabulates the production figures of one department.
  3. Narrative Form: Used when the information is subjective and quantitative.

Management by Exception:

  1. Prepare the report only when exceptions occur: These report printed only when employees work overtime, each entry on the report is an exception.
  2. By showing variance from normal: Here the reports contain the details of the comparisons of the actual activity with the planned activity.
  3. Grouping the exception together: The exceptions of special interest for the manager can be grouped and highlighted for quick attention.
  4. Highlighting exception by maintaining a certain sequence: It is possible to sort report records into either in an ascending or descending sequence based on one or more key fields.

Importance of writing a Report:

  1. Providing a deeper insight.
  2. Highlights the specific problem of a business.
  3. Help adopt right marketing strategy.
  4. Helps in decision making and problem solving.

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