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Shell Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 13 Nov, 2020
Geek Week

Hi guys, hope you are patient and calm, and doing your best for cracking on-campus placements.

Tip: Don’t get your morale down at any point in time. Just give your best shot and you will be alright. Any company just focuses on your foundational knowledge, rather than some mugged up sentences.

Now talking about She’ll Interview experience,

The company had 2 rounds in total (Online assessment + Interview)

Round 1: There were 4 sections in this round. Each section was timed according to the number of questions the section had, you can’t toggle between the sections, but yeah toggling within the section was allowed. 

  • Technical MCQ: Consists of DBMS, data structures, data warehousing
  • Coding round: Two basic array questions
  • SQL Query: A combination of tables was given, and using joins you got to write an SQL query for getting the required to be output.
  • Aptitude section: Consists of questions from aptitude, logical reasoning, and verbal section.

Round 2(Technical + HR Interview): The whole interview procedure took more than one hour. It started with a brief discussion about my projects (objective, aim, modules of the project, challenges, and drawbacks of the project).

Followed by some basic technical questions related to OOPS, DBMS, and DSA.

Then there were some situation-based questions that have to be answered in the STAR scheme preferably. Explain your answer with your experience but make sure to stick with your point. Then it was followed by some HR questions.

Note: while answering with STAR scheme, don’t use any imaginary or made-up story, be genuine, be honest, stick to the point, if you haven’t experienced any given situation, be honest about it 

Tip: Be very aware of the content of your resume, make sure whatever you are mentioning in your resume, you have a decent knowledge about it. Before appearing for the interview, make sure you are through the job description the company has provided. Be aware of the company’s goal and mission.


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