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Robert Bosch(RBEI) Interview Experience (Off- Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2018
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It was an off campus opportunity.  Top 15 (according to CGPA average) from each department were called to attain an Aptitude and Programming Test which was organized in another college.

This was the first Round.

Round 1:
Aptitude and Programming Test .
The test was different for different departments . Students with specialization of CS & IT had to give Aptitude and Programming Test.
Students with Electronics or Electrical had to give just the Aptitude Test.
I was eligible for Aptitude and Programming Test
The Test had 4 parts namely Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Programming Logic and Coding.

Based on the performance in the Test, about 34 students in total from our  college were called for the Personal Interview. The further rounds were arranged in another college.
The first day was a Pre-Placement Talk where we were introduced to Company Norms, Policies and advantages.
The company turned out to be a good one to work with.


Round 2:
Personal Technical Interview.

Following were the questions asked to me :

Java Questions :
1) Difference between static and final.
2) Explain Garbage Collection in Java.
3) What is Finally and Final ? with a followup question on Finalize .

OOP questions :
1) What are the advantages of OOP ?
2) Explain Data Encapsulation.
3) What is the difference between Data Encapsulation and Data Abstraction ?
4) Write a (program/code) class with the following properties (The interviewer mentioned some properties, I used C++ to write the class structure).

1) What is Merge Sort ?
2) Write a code for Merge Sort? Explain it.
3) Questions on quick sort.
4) Questions about Time Complexity.

The interviewer was mostly asking puzzles that needed to be solved using Algorithms.
He asked around 3 or 4 puzzles.
One of the question was to find the character with the highest frequency( i.e.  repetition) in a string . This was relatively a very easy question compared to the other 3 puzzles that I was asked.

This is last question of the Technical interview : I (The interviewer) have 100 cards with each card having a distinct number between 1 to 100 (both inclusive) written on it . I pick one card from the pile and the number on it is erased and then the card is returned to the pile. Then you come into the interview room.
The cards are scattered in front of you (i.e. they are NOT sorted) . How will you find the number which has been erased .
I wrote a code to solve it. He said : You don’t need to write an Algorithm to solve it
My counter answer was: The number  = (Sum of first 100 natural numbers) – (sum of all the integers on cards )

The interview lasted for more than 30 minutes .
At most of the instances, I found myself writing codes.

I was given a form and was informed that I Have cleared the Technical Round.


Round 3:
HR Round
The HR was a very friendly person. The questions were mostly personal and few generic HR questions.
Few of the Questions were :
1) How your parents will define you ?
2) What is the biggest challenge you have faced ?
3) What is your weakness.
4) This is the question I loved : Do you believe in God ?
He was a very friendly and humble person.

After 3 days .Results reached our Placement Officer.

14 students were selected across all departments.

I was one of them . 🙂

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