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Robert Bosch Interview Experience 2019(On-campus)

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  • Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2019
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I attended the placement drive of RBEI on Aug 2019 in our college G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, Gr, Noida. Almost 500 students appeared for this drive. The profile offered for CSE students was Associate Software Engineer.

Round 1: Online test

The test consisted of Apt+Logical Reasoning+Output based questions. Level of Apt and Reasoning was easy. You can solve it easily with some practice. Total time is around 60 mins. There is also a negative marking of 0.25 marks per question.

There was also 2 coding questions and the time given was 30 mins. I did one question completely and was not able to attempt the other due to time limit.

The result came in the evening through mail and  I was shortlisted for the interview round scheduled for the next day.

120 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2: Technical Interview

There were 18 panelists for interview including both for CS and EC. This round was the most difficult in all the 3 rounds. Mine interview lasted for approx 2 hours.He asked numerous questions from my projects, coding questions, DBMS, OS questions, microprocessor questions, C & C++ questions.

->Questions on Project: Idea behind project, technologies used with thorough explanation.

->Coding ques: Searching algos, Implement stack (push, pop funs) in C, Exception handling in C++ (as I mentioned C & C++ in my resume), Multithreading in C++, Call by value & reference in detail.

->DBMS: Normalization with types, ACID properties.

->Operating System:  Semaphores, Mutex, Monitors, Thrashing, Deadlock with causes and preventive measures.

->C & C++ questions: Advantages of C over C++, Explain namespace in c++, Virtual in C++, Access specifiers and some more conceptual questions.

I almost answered all questions except one or two. The panelist was very humble and listened to all my answers patiently with a smile.

Around 40 students cleared this round.

Round 3: Hr interview

After a wait for 30 mins, results came and I was shortlisted for the next round.

My advice is do not take this round lightly as lot of my friends were eliminated from this round even after qualifying the tech interview.

The interviewer was polite and asked me to relax and asked few questions such as Tell me about urself, tell about ur family, Why do u want to join Bosch, how much serious are you about Bosch and some other questions. The interview lasted for 10 mins.
The final result came on the next day through mail and I was selected.
Advice: Prepare the basics of programming languages, coding questions and subjects. Believe in yourself and most importantly be confident and you will get selected.

All the best!!!

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