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Robert Bosch Interview Experience | Set 5 (July 2017 On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2017

First the online test, it consisted of 3 rounds – Aptitude , Technical and Coding.
Each section had time limits and overall test was for 2 hours.
Aptitude consisted of basic quants, verbal and logical questions.
Technical round was mainly about the C and C++.
Coding round was for 1 hour consisting of 2 questions. Coding questions were simple and required good logical skills.
Next day, it was Technical interview and HR interview for shortlisted candidates.

Technical Interview was very simple and the interviewer only asked basic questions from C and C++. First the interviewer went through my resume for a minute then he started. Some of the questions are :
1. Write a program to reverse a string in C or C++?
2. What is the time complexity of above program and any ways to improve it.
3. What is Function overloading and Function Overwriting?
4. Difference between Macros and Inline Functions?
5. Real world example where the Inheritance implemented and define classes for those with attributes and methods?
6. Questions based on Virtual Functions.
7. Asked to explain briefly about DBMS project, also Future Enhancements that one can do on that project.

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HR interview was very quick as I was the last Candidate to attend the HR interview.
First interviewer went through the resume , then he started asking questions :
1. Tell me about yourself ?
2. Why Bosch ?
3. Why should we hire you ?
4. Preferred place to work and are you ready to work in other places?
5. Questions regarding my hobbies and interests.
6. What is your strength and weakness ?
7. Finally, he asked is there anything that I liked to ask him about the job! I asked him about the work culture and work – life balance in Bosch.

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