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Resources for Job Interviews

Last Updated : 23 Mar, 2021
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For any fresher or experienced developer in order to get any job, they must have interviews and in order to get interviews, they need to apply for the jobs on the different portal or through any other resource. Job hunting is a numbers game and most of the companies don’t get back to the candidates right away. There are a lot of candidates don’t know where are the jobs and which one is suitable for them. A lot of candidates want to know about the company background, the role that will be offered and if their skills fit for the role or not. 

Let’s discuss some of the resources or website which is helpful to get the interviews or to apply for the jobs, also to check company background, role or job description. 



1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the best social networking site to build the connection and get the call for job interviews. Updating LinkedIn profile, showcasing relevant skill, making connections to the recruiters or for the searching job it is one of the most recommended sites from most of the people. Adding skills here, getting the endorsement, asking for referrals, building some good connections definitely increase the chances to get the call from recruiters or it is also helpful for personal branding. LinkedIn allows to search for the jobs based on location, skillset and candidate can find filter option there as well. It’s good to keep updating LinkedIn profile time to time and mention the skill to get the job updates and appear in the top search result. Connecting with recruiters here from different companies definitely help to get the job status or update. In most of the cases recruiters contact to the candidates if they find the job role suitable for the candidate and they use some keywords to find the candidate so it’s good to mention the keywords like ‘Python’, ‘C++’, ‘Networking’ to get suitable job update and appear in the recruiters search list. 



2. AngelList: AngleList is very helpful site to enter in a startup. This site is good for freshers as well as experienced developer or programmer. 

3. Hacker News: Here developers and programmers hangout with each other. This site monthly do ‘who is hiring’ section and people comment with companies that are currently hiring. 

3. stackoverflow: Most of the programmers or developers use this site to ask question or to find out the solution for their programming-related problems. This site also help the candidates to find out the jobs in different location and with different skill set. 

4. Glassdoor: Glassdoor is one of the best site for job search, to check company profile, reviews and find the suitable job. Candidates can upload the CV here and get all the job updates which is suitable for them. 

5. Meetups: Going to the local meetups for specific technology is a great way to network or meet with people, ask for the referral from different companies and check which companies are hiring. 

6. Remote Jobs: Below is the list of some useful site if anyone wants to work remotely for a company which is a thousand miles away from them. 

7. Other Resources: Some of the other resources where top companies like Uber, Quora, Reddit, Robinhood, Adobe are registered and hire candidates through online quiz is given below. Here candidates need to take some sort of coding quiz, in result, they get some rank and then these sites create a profile for the candidate so that the companies reach out to the candidate and hopefully shortlist the candidate. 

Tips: One of the great trick to search for the job is searching on google for specific company and contact to the recruiter directly. Suppose if you are interested in applying in facebook then search something like below… 

The result will be something like below… 


And that’s how someone can find recruiters from a specific company, connect with them and apply for the jobs.

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