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Preparation for Skype Interviews

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  • Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2022
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Skype interviews are new normal nowadays.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected each and every sector not only in India but even in the entire world. This global spread has made an impact on the sectors from retailing to big top-notch tech companies. 

Initially, the unemployment rate has reached 26% at the starting of April 2020 as mentioned on the official sites. But as of now, people became used to it and now they have found ways to go out of their homes and do their work. But still, it is not easy for the freshers and other IT candidates to approach companies that are far from their present reach. 

So, Skype interviews are the new normal interview sessions nowadays. As recruiters are seeing SKYPE interviews are the best way to make the entire process running, approach new talents through SKYPE, and make this era a digital era and fetch benefits from them. As this type of virtual interview is mostly new for freshers and other job seekers also so, here are the top 5 tips which can ensure your success in the interview. The tips are as follows:

Establish Appropriate Setup and Improve the Confidence in front of Video Call: If you don’t have skype or related software that you required for the session. Install it, and set a proper environment for your interview. Set a professional username for your account.

  • Camera Idea: Positioned your camera in a proper angle where the interviewer can see you better. Few of us are camera shy people, so practice yourself to present yourself confidently in front of the camera.
  • Sourroundings: Make your surroundings silent, because you don’t want to be distracted when you are interviewing or don’t want the to interviewee see someone is roaming around.
  • Lightning: Proper light is also important, dress in some dark shade colors but not the black, you can get the idea if you have watched the news, anchors wore in the shades of blue, gray. Those are the colors that look good on camera. And dress up like you are attending the interview in-person, which will boost your confidence and make it more professional. As far as the background is concerned, the lights of the room should not be dim. There should be proper lighting in the room and the room should be clean.

Learn to Use Basic Tools: If you are new to this platform, try to explore the platform and try to learn all the tools which are provided by skype. The tools which skype has to offer you will be helpful for you during the entire session and if you know the tools prior and you will feel more confident about the process and the entire process will run smoothly.

  • Screen Share: This is the feature that you will need in most of your interview. The interviewee can be asked to share your screen for the approach you are applying to solve the questions.
  • Remote Access: This is one of the useful features when you are stuck in your approach then the interviewee can help you in that sitution

So basically you have to aware of all the features that skype offers.

Testing is a must: A day before your interview try to make a test call. Try to practice with your friends or family. Check the camera, check the audio and video. Make all the required alterations.

  • Camera and Audio: Try a test call before the interview, anything could happen during your interview. Check that you are audible to the person you are talking to and the camera response should be good.

Practice and Prepare your self: Make your things charge that can be your laptop, mobile phones, or tablets. Just charge them fully and start practicing all the questions and also make note of all the crucial points.

  • Charged your gadgets: Always try to attend the interview on a Laptop or a desktop not on the phone or tablet, because there will be no proper environment where you can explain yourself in depth.
  • Satble Connection: Connect yourself to a stable network, because light cuts can be an issue if you are connected to a router, so beware of that.

Manage Times: You have to find a way to ask the allotted time for the skype interview, basically online interviews are less longer than the in-person interview. You can ask the person who schedules the interview for you, according to that you can prepare yourself. Remember one thing some times the interview took a long time as you have been told, so prepare a few extra topics. And always look on the screen when you are answering.

Mater Tips:

  • Log in early and set up your system ahead of time.
  • Dress formally and look presentable.
  • Set your skype presence status.
  • Body language is crucial even through the lens.
  • Keep calm and stay positive.
  • Beware of time lag.

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