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Quikr interview experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2018
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Round 1:Written round(1hr)

There was a written round of around 1hr. They gave 2coding questions and we had to write it on the paper. Around 300 students gave the examination.

Question 1: Binary search tree

Question 2: 2D matrix problem

Those who solved 2of them got selected for the next round.

Round 2: Technical Interview(1.5 hrs)

Only 13 students got selected for the second round.(Those who wrote the efficient code). I was one of them.

I was asked several questions.

1. AVL tree

2. Binary search tree

3. Binary tree

4. Design a parking lot

5. Use of data structures in real life(brief discussion)

6. Several SQL queries (heavy discussion). They will test you on this.

7. Asked me to solve and optimise(I was asked to solve it in o(logn) time complexity) both the problems  which was given in written round.

8. Java feautures and asked several cross questions. (Don’t say anything if you’re not sure about it)

9. Several Graph questions(Bfs, Dfs, TTopological sort ).

Why we would prefer tree over graph when we design a parking lot .(Full discussion)

I answered each and every question correctly.

Round 3:Technical Interview(1.5hrs)

Only 7 students qualified for this round. I was one of them.

Asked several questions, some of them are.

1. Design library management system.

2. I was asked to optimise several algorithms in o(logn). They are looking for someone who can optimise the algorithm. So be prepared.

3. I was asked to write the power function in o(logn) and o(n).

4. I was given a matrix and I had to search an element in o(logn). The matrix was row wise and column wise sorted.

5. I was asked to reverse the linked list using recursion and without recursion.

6. Asked several questions on my project which was in React js, JavaScript and PHP.

I was able to answer all the questions correctly without fail.

Round 4: HR round(30mins)

Asked basic hr questions.

I made a presentation about my resume, so the hr got impressed by me.

Normal discussion.

Only 4 of the students got selected by quikr at the end of the process and I was one of them.

Tips: Honesty is the key but most importantly they will check your patience, persistence and the hardwork you have been through over the 4years of your Btech carrier.

There are many factors, but most importantly your technical skills should be on some other level (You must be very good in DS, algorithms, SQL, DBMS, OS, Optimising code)in order to get selected.

All the best!


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