Quikr Interview Experience (On-campus) for Associate Software Engineer(2019)

Round 1: They had conducted a written round.It consisted of 3 questions(1-1.5 hr time was given).

1.Print spiral view of the binary tree.(It was mentioned to write the optimized code)

2.Build a dictionary for given words(Use Trie data structure).Also they told to write the methods which you think there can be for a dictionary implementation.I had wrote two functions one for insertion of word and another function which could return true if the given word is present in the dictionary else it would return false.

3.It was based on the implementation of the 2nd question.They had given a 2-D character matrix and the output should consist of all the valid words (which were added in the dictionary) from the matrix(from a point you can traverse upwards, downwards, left side, right side).

It is advisable that you mention the Space and Time Complexity for your algorithm.

Around 12 people were shortlisted for FTF interviews.

Round 2: There were 2 coding questions asked and one on building DBMS schema and one SQL query.

The coding questions were:-

  1. Find first repeating element from the given array in O(n) time and O(1) space.The elements were in the range from 1 to n.
  2. LRU implementation(Use DLL and HashMap)

After this round 4 were rejected.

Round 3: This round also consisted of 2 coding questions:-

  1. Given a sorted array of integers say {1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 15}, element x(say 10) and another integer n(say 3).So we had to return the n closest integer to x from the given array. Output:-9, 10, 13 (Use binary search and then use 2 pointer technique.)
  2. Given m tax slabs and for each slab there was a specific tax percentage applicable.So you are given an array of salaries, Hence you need to return the total tax applicable for each salary in the given array.

Then he asked if we want to implement a system to show the top 50 songs played in any music streaming application then how would you approach it in most optimized manner.

Another question was to implement the forget password mechanism.There were some corner cases in the approaches i told but he gave me hints on which i modified my solution.

I had some experience working with Hadoop Architecture so he told me to explain it and then he told me to explain a real life example of map reduce(Finding the frequency of each word in the large file).

After this round 3 were rejected.

Round 4:This round was based on the resume.He pointed out some of the projects from the resume and asked me to explain each project in technical perspective and also he asked the schema of some particular projects and asked that if i want to store some extra information then how would you modify the existing schema.

Round 5:This was HR round and questions were about tell me about yourself, tell me about your family background, will you be comfortable working during weekends.

Out of 5 people 3 were selected!!

Hopefully i was one of them :).

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