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Quantiphi Analytics Interview Experience for Business Analyst (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021

There were 4 rounds, each of them was an elimination round.

Round 1: Aptitude Test

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  • There were a total of 78 questions to be attempted in 86 minutes, which were divided into 7 sections and each section had a time limit. Sections were of quant, verbal, logical, data interpretation, python, C/C++, SQL, and the last question was of basic coding.
  • Based on the score in the test we were assigned the roles (Framework Engg / ML Engg / Business Analyst) for the further interview process. I was selected for the Business Analyst role.

Round 2: Group Discussion

Time: 10 minutes

  • We were divided into groups of 10 each and were given two topics to discuss: one was on the business-related topic and the other is on the current issues. We were given 2 minutes before starting the discussion to collect our thoughts.
  • Topic 1: Discuss the strategy to make the hospitality and tourism industry work together for the ease of the customer.
  • Topic 2: Role of social media in covid.

Round 3: Technical Interview

Time: 25-30 minutes

  • The interview started with the following questions:
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Briefly describe your day-to-day tasks during your internship.
  • Asked some functions of MS Excel (like- VLOOKUP, IMPORT RANGE, IFS)
  • Gave a situation that I am a business analyst at Quantiphi and there is a client who is fiercely behaving at the office and is not satisfied with the solution provided earlier to him then how would you tackle this situation.
  • Asked about my academic projects.
  • Asked how my knowledge of mechanical would help in an IT firm like Quantiphi. Asked why is the shape of manhole covers is circular why not square/rectangle.
  • At last, she asked me if I had any questions for her

Round 4: HR Round

Time: 15 minutes

  • Asked about home town and how would I manage my life after shifting to corporate life (civil life) from an army background.
  • Mostly we had a normal talk on my adaptability.

The whole process took 2 days to complete and the results were announced on the 3rd day.

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