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Quantiphi Interview Experience | Pool-Campus 2021

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Pattern: Written + 1 Technical interview + 1 HR Discussion

Type: Online

Written Round: The written round is divided into two halves and all the questions are based on MCQs with no negative marking. The first half of the written round consisted of the following sections, consisting of:-

  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • Grammar,
  • Reading Comprehension,
  • Probability,
  • Data interpretetation
  • OOPs, output-based questions,
  • SQL queries (Joins, DML operations, Foreign Keys)

After submitting the above round we move further for coding and DS/ML round in which the question  consisted of 

  • 1 Question on coding:-  The level of coding was medium to hard and this may be asked from DSA  or Algorithms
  • 2 Questions on DS/ML:- The level of this section is basic.

Tips: You need to be quick and accurate in this round.

Technical Interview 1: Duration: 30 mins

  • The interview was based on the introduction, resume, and project. 
  • The interviewer was keen to know all the skills I have. 
  • As I was from a Java background he asked questions from Collections, Map, String, etc. 
  • He also asked me to writes some basic codes.  
  • Then I was asked to write basic SQL queries. and finally, we had a good discussion on the project I had mentioned in my resume.

Tips: Prepare your introduction and resume well include only those topics you are fully confident on!!

HR Discussion 1: Duration 30 mins

  • After clearing the first TR, I got an email for the next round which was scheduled a little late. 
  • The interviewer asked me questions to assess my behavioral skills and he also noticed my confidence level while delivering the answers. 
  • After answering common HR questions patiently and confidently I was able to clear this round also.

Tips: Be confident in what you’re saying. Think before you speak before the interviewer as they catch very fast if we’re providing wrong information.


Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2021
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