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Project Idea | Payto

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Project Title: Payto (Pay Through offline)

Introduction: Today our country is taking every step to digitize the payment and bring everything online. Paytm, Paypal, Tez etc hold a very important position in making this possible. They provide an online platform through which we can pay and share our money within seconds. But these apps need internet access and fails in poor networking areas. These apps provide a lot of benefits to the user, But again here the backward and poor suffer due to lack of internet connectivity. Through Payto, We provide them a way to share their money without internet.

Objective: The Objective of my hack is to design an offline platform which provides everyone a way to share payment through Sms and make this digitization of money even a great success.

PROBLEMS with Present System:

  • There is no way to transfer payment offline
  • We get stuck and search for internet and hotspots to complete our payments when there is no internet
  • Poor people suffer and can’t benefit from such platforms
  • Digitization of money couldn’t reach every part of country



Let’s say a user A wants to pay a user or an outlet B.

  • Usually, till now the payment is done using online mode and sometimes when the internet doesn’t work, they have to stand there and keep the queue waiting (Happened with me too :p). But through Payto, they have to just send an SMS with following format (Number, Amount, Platform name).
    For example: 8802999631, 500, Paytm
  • Our server then gets the info and connects to the given platform. The user then will get an OTP from the platform they provided, let say Paytm (Like any outlet like dominos do in case of paytm) and we get the same OTP on our account from the same platform. After that user has to reply with the OTP.
    For example: 324001
    If the OTP matches, The Payment will be successfully completed! 🙂

PS: We don’t have to check for balance because the Payment app will do it for us already.

Tools Used:

  • API of payment apps (Just like CCD, Dominos or any other outlet uses paytm for business)
  • Messaging service (like Twillio, Way2Sms which even uber uses)
  • Selenium to automate and read the messages coming from users
  • Specific Multi platform OFFLINE mobile app for more features


  • Bringing a new tech to use Net banking and Other online Payments without internet.
  • Providing a way to Poor people and hence making the dream of digitization a complete success.
  • Providing another argument for easier payment for different apps.

Note: This project idea is contributed by Kartikay Bhutani for ProGeek Cup 2.0- A project competition by GeeksforGeeks.

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Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2018
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