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Project Idea | Green Rides

Last Updated : 20 Mar, 2023
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Green Rides is a technical solution for general public to guide them to a less polluted path while they traveling home back in vehicles, jogging, or just taking a walk. It’s main aim is to help people avoid polluted areas and also help in making their surroundings pollution free. 

An app whose main screen gives google map view. A user can select source to destination path which than will be processed to give a number of routes to reach destination from source with amount of traffic at various locations in that path together with current pollution status in the route(which updates over time). While there’s a condition like traffic jam a user can blow horn to all users within a specific radius according to his current location and that horn is in a form of small notification of something like that which in-radius person’s will receive. 
In-order to engage user activity in app there will be small pop-ups in route of user which denote like hospital, police station, if some accident occurred there. Etc. In order to make it live notification in a path possible there will be reward system according to which if a person notifies that there is something new in that path happening like some accident occurred(i wish not) than he/she will be gain points which later can be redeemed. Now to make this user notification authentic, there will be some feature(button) that if some, say 15, users reported that notification was correct than only the user that notified will be rewarded otherwise it will be detected as fake report. 
So overall features in app will be like – 

  1. Main window where we can select source and destination.
  2. On selecting route pop-ups(which will be in form of a cartoon/image) will appear denoting an event occurring there or some police station, mall, etc.
  3. There will be multiple routes each having different(most probably, especially in urban areas.) traffic and amount of pollution.
  4. Horn that will be blown by a user notified within a radius or to a particular vehicle in front of us for which there will be an option in the app.
  5. There will be delay in which horn can be re-blown, and user doesn’t get too many horn notification.


  1. We don’t need to find shortest path google maps does this for us(here, also has waypoints).
  2. Traffic stats are also provided through google maps(TrafficLayer Object, here).
  3. For permanent notification in path like a gym, which will be there most probably for few years atleast, we can just use google maps again(here).
  4. For temporary notifications like “JB concert”, they either can be removed manually as of now.
  5. For getting pollution in a place we can use this, and this. They will be stored in DB according to Latitude and Longitude and later on basis of frequency they can be sorted(when huge number of users using app across country.)

So overall there’s no such algorithm required as of now but if we scale it to large extent we need to have high processing power and we might need analytics if we get minutely updates about pollution(concentration of CO2, NO2, etc) as in that case speed of wind, rain, etc will play key factor in determining less polluted path. 

1. To guide people to less polluted path. 
2. Reduction in noise pollution. 
3. Ease in finding(pin-point finding) some event. 

I have not yet finished this project as I came to know about progeek cup a little bit late so I am waiting to get license key from JxBrowser to work with google API’s. 
I don’t think of this from profit perspective but a contribution to make country less polluted in any way possible. So I thought an app can be build to save water which will function like -> User will update his/her electricity bill and upload pdf document in app which than stores monthly bill and details like water bill, electricity bill, etc. Then on monthly basis it will show how much water was saved by user and some interesting stats that will encourage him/her to save water, electricity. There will also be small area wise listing of people on the basis of how much water they saved and they can be compared with superheroes like a particular is badass in water saving some other is master, some is noobs, etc. So main aim is to encourage people to save resources by continuously encourage them in a friendly way using technology. 



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