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Project Idea | Aadhaar Thumb: A Platform to All Services

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Aadhaar Thumb: A Platform to all Services


The main objective of this project is to bring all governmental services to an online portal in the form of Desktop Software as well as Online Website Portal.


As today, technology is playing really an important role in modeling human life by providing various ways to many problems faced by us in real world. So, to accomplish these problems very accurately with efficiency, every branch of study provides ways and such our India’s Central Government is doing nowadays. Our Respected Prime Minister Sir is therefore leading a unique way of using this technology which will help rural as well as urban. Like starting Digital India, Startup India etc. acts which will in greater extent calling upon various creative minds forward to solve national level problems. So, in the same regard we here proposed a practical implemented idea of providing all services by one’s fingerprint or thumb print. This will include complete database linkage between various governmental services like Electricity Bill Payment, Water Bill Payment, Bank Services etc. just by tapping one’s thumb to small fingerprint reader sensor. This solution will greatly solve government’s services to move more steps ahead in factor of speed, time and space. This solution mainly depends upon the biometric data provided by Indian citizens to Aadhaar’s Database. And, for that we named it as “Aadhaar Thumb: One Platform to all Services.”


  • Netbeans 8.2
  • JDK 8
  • MySQL
  • WampServer


  • Active Internet Connection
  • JDK 8


This idea just stuck in my mind when I saw recent orientation of all manual currency exchange to Digital Payment Solutions like PayTm Wallets, BHIM App etc. So, I thought of making one portal which helps citizens of Nation to pay and check statistics of basic bill Payment or Return Filling etc as shown in screen shots attached with this mail directly from theirs home, just scanning their fingerprint to login to portal as shown in Login Page attached in Screen Shots. Here, I had taken and chosen Fingerprint authentication because this unique identification helps to make difference between two humans and too here, the database has been developed in such a way that it can be implemented directly with Original Database and helps to impart feature of Portability and ease of use. Also, this idea when implemented over the nation between the testing of citizens will really give fruitful results and surely help Government to use different manual registration, payments, etc things over Digital Channel i.e. Internet (A Wide Tool for Connectivity).


The whole project is under development so that new features and real time advantages as manual work offers can be implemented for best use and more fruitful results. The current status of project is 40% i.e. only the designing and fingerprint authentication has been done with displaying different frames using pure JAVA Swing using Netbeans 8.2 as stated above in “Tools Used” Section.


Since, Teacher (Guru) is most important to be a part of Life of any student. So, with that one Computer Science Professor is guiding me about how the governmental services can be modified to impart more fruitful results and feasibility in use. The Profile can be seen under last Section included in this Mail. The Professor is mainly involved in giving me guidance wherever I get stuck in Logic Making like how citizens fill Return and how the layout of Frame can be modified so that Graphical User Interface (GUI) catches user’s attention.


A Paper title as “Aadhaar Thumb: A Platform to All Services” is under process of different phases in a reputed conference organized under Springer Publications. Hope, the idea may help the society in any beneficial way.


Also, to get most out of this software, I will be going to fill DST Project Proposal soon so that Indian Government can implement this idea for society’s welfare and nation’s too. Sundar Pichai ones stated in his one of the personal interview that “Surround yourself with more knowledgeable people than you because if in the process of any big Project/Task if you ever failed, you are left with lot of big valuable things that the person who is not involved can’t get.”


This project when is done with Desktop and Web Application ready 100%, An android app will be designed soon with same features as taken in this software design.


  • Ramneek Kalra:

Really Crazy person about JAVA and want to code every real time scenario through it and implement too in society so that innovation can be well consumed by citizens of World. “Because the People who are crazy enough to Think that they can change the world, are the ones who Do – Steve Jobs”. – Pursuing B. Tech Degree From HMR Institute of Technology and Management, New Delhi (Affiliated to GGSIPU, New Delhi). – Hobbies:

  • To Code and code forever with all possible ways for better features and GUI
  • Singing Spiritual Songs
  • Clay Modeling
  • Ms. Chitra Nasa (Faculty):

Assistant Professor in HMR Institute of Technology and Management, New Delhi (Affiliated to GGSIPU, New Delhi). – Experience: She has a Experience for 5 Years as a Teacher in the Field of Computer Science Engineering. – Domain: Algorithms and Database Management.

With that pure intention, I hereby declared this project idea to be submitted under ProGeek Cup 1.0. Hoping that consideration of this project will be taken as much as in real designed scenario wise as briefed above.

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Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2022
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