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C program to print employee details using Structure

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In this program, we will read and display details of n employees using Structure. Employee details like Name, age, phone number, salary will be printed. Method :

Declare variables using Structure

Read details of all employees like employee name, 
age, phone number and salary.

Display all the details of employees

Below is CPP program showing employee details : 


// CPP program to print details of employees
// using Structure
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
struct employee {
    string ename;
    int age, phn_no;
    int salary;
// Function to display details of all employees
void display(struct employee emp[], int n)
    cout << "Name\tAge\tPhone Number\tSalary\n";
    for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
        cout << emp[i].ename << "\t" << emp[i].age << "\t"
             << emp[i].phn_no << "\t" << emp[i].salary
             << "\n";
// Driver code
int main()
    int n = 3;
    // Array of structure objects
    struct employee emp[n];
    // Details of employee 1
    emp[0].ename = "Chirag";
    emp[0].age = 24;
    emp[0].phn_no = 1234567788;
    emp[0].salary = 20000;
    // Details of employee 2
    emp[1].ename = "Arnav";
    emp[1].age = 31;
    emp[1].phn_no = 1234567891;
    emp[1].salary = 56000;
    // Details of employee 3
    emp[2].ename = "Shivam";
    emp[2].age = 45;
    emp[2].phn_no = 1100661111;
    emp[2].salary = 30500;
    display(emp, n);
    return 0;


Name    Age    Phone Number    Salary
Chirag    24    1234567788    20000
Arnav    31    1234567891    56000
Shivam    45    1100661111    30500

Time Complexity: O(n), where n is the number of employees
Auxiliary Space: O(n), The extra space is used to store the details of the employees.

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Last Updated : 04 Jan, 2023
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