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Process Improvement in Defect Management Process (DMP)

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In Defect Management Process (DMP), identified defects are firstly prioritized according to their severity, and then further fixed. But it does not mean that defects that are less severe are not essential. Defect, whether highly severe or less severe, impact system. Process improvement is a process in which all defects are considered to be severe and critical and therefore, all type of defects is needed to be fixed and resolved. Resolving any type of defect leads to process improvement in DMP. It also helps in minimizing number of defects by preventing occurrence of any type of defect that might impact system and cause failure in future.

Occurrence of defect itself is a major issue whether it has less or more impact on system. But sometimes, developers and tester think that defect that is less impact or less severe are not important. Defect can by anything that dissatisfies customers. This dissatisfaction can be caused due to defect in requirement, design, coding, testing, process, etc. Full effort should be made by test team to evaluate and analyze process to find out root cause of defect. After analyzing root cause, further methods and measures should be taken to prevent such defects. If organization consider defect as a part of process rather than taking it for granted, then organization will be able to deliver high quality software product.

Goals of Defect Management Process (DMP) :

  1. Senior Management group need to understand severity of defect and how it can impact system, so they can support team members and be a part of DMP.
  2. To improve process, DMP should be performed at each stage and throughout Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  3. Each team should use DMP because this process is very much effective in improving process.
  4. Different projects have different objectives, so on basis of project objective, development approaches should be chosen and need to be integrated in software development process.
  5. Process should be reviewed on regular basis to identify defect early in the process which will also less expensive.
  6. Effort should be made to reduce occurrence of defect by following ways :
    • Review test scenarios and test cases
    • Review and integrate functional and non-functional requirements
    • Review Technical requirements
    • Environment baselines
  7. Identification of defects at early stage can be done using automated script for project.
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Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2020
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