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Roles and Responsibilities of Participants of Defect Triage Process

Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2020
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A defect or bug means a deviation from requirements or expected results. Triage basically means “sorting”. Therefore, defect triage can be defined as sorting defects that are found. Bug defection is one of essential and important steps in software testing phase.

Defect triage process is gaining momentum i.e., increasing development day by day in software quality assurance. A software contains many bugs but not bugs are fixed. Software teams have to decide which of the bugs or defects are needed to fix and when. Therefore, defect or bug triage process comes in.

Participants of Triage Team :
There is no such rule that everyone is needed to be involved in this process as it varies from one company to another. There are many members or participants that are important and without them, meeting would not reach to any conclusion. Important and mandatory participants that perform and take part in defect triage process are given below :

  1. Project Manager :
    • Main aim of project manager is to help in assessing priority of defects or bugs during defect triage meetings.
    • They are also responsible for making list of defects.
    • They also discuss next release date for Quality Assurance.
    • They also ensure that does all members of triage meetings are present during discussion or not.
    • They also act as a mediator i.e. to settle or resolve disputes as an intermediary among two parties.
    • They might also invite business analysts in meeting if required for their opinion on a particular defect.
    • They make aware of the updated schedule and release date of project to all the teams.
  2. Test Team Leader :
    • They are responsible for identifying and assigning a degree of severity and priority to each and every defect.
    • Test team leader firstly schedules a meeting and then sends invitation to all members for attending a meeting along with detailed defect report.
    • They need to prepare a presentation about defect triage to present team members about main cause of defect and give them more understanding of each defect.
    • They also record meeting content and further share with members that attended meeting.
    • They update Quality assurance with suitable and appropriate comments.
  3. Technical Lead :
    • Their main focus is on technical issues, along with software development.
    • They also collaborate with team members to identify and resolve technical issues.
    • They are also responsible for managing technical quality of team deliverable’s.
    • They discuss defects from a technical perspective.
  4. Development Team Leader :
    • They are generally responsible for assessing priority of the defect or bugs.
    • Their main aim is to communicate and discuss risks that are involved and complexity level of each and every defect.
    • They also assign or allocate different tasks and work to different members of triage team to fix errors.
    • They also update solution of each defect and note missing data or add any data for triage team.
    • They share updates on action items that are pending from last triage meeting.
    • They identify time required to fix defect on the basis of complexity of defect or bug and functionality.

Other participants that are not Mandatory :

  1. Developers
  2. Testers
  3. Business Analyst

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