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PayPal Interview Experience for Software Developer | Off-Campus 2021

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Online Assessment: Three questions were given time allotted was 50 mins.

  1. Easy Math tag question just need to know physics formulas s= ut + 1/2 at^2 ,u = s/t. also setprecision.
  2. It was a medium to hard question the question was big but it boils down to find distinct pairs in an integer array whose product is divisible by k(k value is given). I wrote O(N^2) solution half of the test cases passed others were giving time limit exceeded.
  3. Easy- medium bit manipulation question: Given 7 switches you need to switch on some switches and off some in order to show number 1 similarly for number 2,3,4….,9. Given a string consists of only digits from 1 to 9 and initially all the switches were off find total number of on and off operations performed in order to light up the numbers one by one in the string. Example for lighting up 1 we need to switch on 1st switch and 3rd switch so operations 2 then after 1 we need to light up 3 for 3 we need to switch on 4th switch and switch off 1st switch which was on earlier so no of operation 2. so total number of operations 2+2 = 4

I could solve first and third questions.

Verdict: Rejected

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Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2021
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