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Oyo Interview Experience SDE – On campus 2019

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Round 1: Coding Round hosted on interviewbit platform.

Consisted of two coding questions – Number of ways to decode, LIS. Consisted of MCQs based on Operating systems and DBMS

Round 2: Technical Round :

I was asked to implement two questions. First one was to print all the triplets that sum to K. Duplicates were allowed in the array. Focus was more on the approach than on the actual solution. Second question was to do in place string compression.

Round 3: Technical Round:

I was asked a question based on Lowest common ancestor and then to calculate the distance from lca to both the nodes and then I had to apply some kind of manipulations. I was to implement the whole code. Then I was asked a question based on string matching and window.


Then I was asked questions based on OS and DBMS:

  1. What is virtual memory? How will you design a virtual memory?
  2. Questions based on demand paging, page swapping, how does page map, data structures used for it, page table concepts and functions of memory management unit.
  3. Page replacement algorithms, implement LRU Cache ( I did it using dll and hashmap)
  4. Fragmentation in OS and DBMS, transaction, serialization, indexing and usage of checkpoints in recovery.
  5. More logical questions were asked based on whatever answer one gives.
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Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2019
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