OYO Rooms On-Campus for SDE-1 2019

Round 1:Round one was coding along with 10 Technical questions from OS, DBMS.It was one interview bit platform.Students who are able to score more then 60/100 is able to qualify the first round.In first round they shortlisted only 100 students out of 2100 students.

Round 2:The second round was a technical interview.They check the person programming logic and data strutures and Algorithm concept.Mainly, they focused on Dynamic programming and graph.Rotten oranges is famous question of OYO.

Round 3:The third was also a technical interview, they asked questions from DBMS, dynamic programming, projects etc.

Apart from that some students having more rounds  all are technical only.

In the end they select only 16 students and I am one from them.

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