OYO Rooms Interview Experience | On-Campus 2019

Round 1: Coding Round

This was the first time, OYO rooms visited our college.

They had given 2 coding questions to solve in 70 min on interview bit platform. one of them was


After this round 40 were selected .

Round 2: Technical+ HR

They only focus on Data structure and algorithm. In data structure its my advice to find optimal solution for that problem. Mainly in, Searching, Sorting, Balanced BST, question based on Divide and Conquer, Dynamic Programming(must), All kind of view of binary tree like left, right, top, bottom.

After this round 18 were selected

Round 3:Technical + HR

In this round they first check your previous approach and on the basis of that they asked questions.

They also asked the approach you applied for solving question in Coding Round.

some basic HR questions. In this round, they still interested in DS that i have mentioned above. some basic operating system questions.

Although I am not selected, but this was one of the best procedure i have faced.

Finally 5 were selected .

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