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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 63 (OFSS for Associate Application Developer and Associate Consultant Developer)

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OFSS has given 2 profiles. Associate Application Developer and Associate Consultant Developer.

Round 1 :  Online Aptitude Test

This round is same to both profiles. Its almost 2.5 hours round. and there are 5 assessments available

  1. Coding Skills (Trees, linked list) 10 question to be answered in 20 minutes.
  2. Software Engineering Aptitude (Questions on DBMS, Big O notations , Quantitative aptitude etc) 46 questions-60 minutes.
  3. Computer Science Knowledge ( OS related questions) 20 questions- 30 minutes.
  4. Contextual Communication (grammar related questions and passages) 30 questions-40 minutes.
  5. Oracle Job Profile ( which profile u want to apply ) 1 question-2 minutes.

Answering within time is very important. This round is not so tough. Even though the questions seems to be lengthy the solution is an easy one.  After this round 36 students were shortlisted. 18 for each profile.

Round 2 : Technical Interview

The Technical Interview started off very fine and lasted for about 30-45 minutes. There were few HR questions in the beginning. The interviewer is very friendly. Firstly they asked me to tel me about myself. then the reasons for choosing Developer Profile. Then he asked me explain about the projects i have done. I have explained them. They have interrupted me and asked some doubts meanwhile. But I felt that they were intentionally just to check my confidence and how would I explain to their doubts.Basic Question on DBMS like Explain about Normalization of DB, self Join etc. And at the end he asked me a a general aptitude question based on Distance and time.

Overall the Interview was quiet easy. Just learn the basics. Maintain good communication Skills. Be confident and add good projects in your CV. Then it will be very easy to crack this round.

After this Round. From Developer Profile 10 students are selected for round 3. From Consultant Profile 5 students are selected for  round 3.

Round 3 : HR + Technical Interview 
This interview lasted for 15-20 min. In the first 10 min He asked me general HR questions like why OFSS. Whats your strengths etc.
In the Last 5 minutes he asked me a puzzle that:
Suppose there are N balls. out of which only 1 ball is lighter in Weight. You are given a simple balance. Then How many minimum no. of attempts do one take to find out that lighter ball. and how many maximum number of attempts do one take to find out the lighter ball. He also added that in order to find maximum number of attempts there is a certain condition and he asked me to find that.

The condition is we need to use Worst case scenario that is the light weight ball comes at last.
The solution is

  • for n is even it will be  (n/2)-1 for min and n-1 for max.
  • for n is odd it will be (n-1)/2 for min and n-1 for max.

Second question He asked me to write a program to find whether a BigInteger is Prime or not. and asked me optimize the code as best as I can.

I have solved both the questions within 5 min. He was quiet impressed with my performance.

Finally I was selected for Associate Application Developer Profile. total of 8 were selected for this profile and 4 were selected for Associate Consultant profile.

Thanks GeeksforGeeks for the experience given to me!!

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Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2017
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