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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 36 (Application Developer for OFSS)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2016

3 rounds:
1. Online Test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR interview

Online Test ::
There were four sections –
Code Snippets ( All the questions were from Trees…AVL (to be specific))
Verbal Ability
Technical (DBMS,OS,Flow Charts,DS)

There were sub-sections from each respective section.
Basics should be in order to crack it.

Technical interview ::
Give a brief intro of yours.
// Gone through my CV and my academic scorecards.
Explain your projects.
Which language are you comfortable in.
What is DBMS.
Normalisation and its types.
Explain NFs with examples.
Remove redundant records from a table by using a single query.
// Oracle language should be good enough
What are Joins. Types of joins.

A brief talk about procedural and object-oriented languages.
Very friendly interviewer.

HR interview ::
Tell me something about your childhood memories.
How much you rate yourself in coding. Explain.
How, do you think you could be beneficial to Oracle.
Why should I hire you.
Willing to Relocate or not.

HR was very cool with answers and very friendly to interact with.

A big thanks to geeksforgeeks !! It helped me a lot.

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