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Oracle Interview Experience for Server Technology 2020

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Oracle visited our campus NIT Nagpur on 28 Aug 2020 everything happened virtually due to pandemic.

Online Round: The online round had 3 sections one was coding based guess the output, the second had basic cs question related to AVL trees, radix sort, OOPS, Computer networks, the third section had the aptitude and reasoning questions.

Round 1(Technical): The interviewer went through my resume asked questions regarding my project. Then asked how I could have made it better. Threading related questions. Real-life application of OOPS. 

She then asked two coding questions :

  1. Find the middle element of the linked list.
  2. If two words are anagram or not.

Round 2(Technical): I was asked system design question to design food delivery based system like swiggy. Then I was asked OS-related questions about process synchronization semaphores mutex. Then I was asked if I had any information about OpenCV library I replied yes then followed by some questions on it.

Round 3 (HR): I was asked about my technical skill. Then followed by some questions on cloud computing (as they were working on it )and computer networks.


Didn’t get selected for the post but I hope this post will help you in the preparation.

Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2020
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