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Oracle Interview Experience for Applications Engineer | On-Campus

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Round 1: Online test was conducted. It had 4 sections

  1. Verbal
  2. Aptitude
  3. Programming skills (flowcharts etc.)
  4. Computer science concepts (DBMS, OS, questions on trees )

44 students were shortlisted for further process.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): Started at 10:45 AM. The whole process happened on ZOOM, the host assigned us to interview rooms and waiting rooms. This level of interview only focused on the most basic questions, they just wanted to know if we can code. A link was shared with an online code editor, and I was asked to share my screen and code.

I chose to code in C++, we were given the option to either write the whole program/only that particular function/ even pseudo-code.

Also, because I am from EEE I wasn’t asked questions on DBMS, OS, etc, I told them I was comfortable with Data Structures and Algorithm, so I was only asked questions related to that.

He also said prior Java knowledge is not required and that they are only looking for programming and problem-solving skills as all the training related to the work will be given later on.

  1. The first question was just to make sure I understood how this worked, I was asked to write a program to tell if the number is prime or not. I explained saying we should check for factors from 2 to sqrt(n) and wrote the same in code.
  2. Next, I was given an expression and asked to check for the balance of parentheses.
  3. Later on, I was asked to check the same expression for redundant brackets like in ((a+b)) + c. I first gave them a simple answer to finding the sum of indices of opening and closing bracket, he liked it but asked me to optimize it. So I went for the stack approach.

I could answer all the questions, a lot of us were asked to join this waiting room as they analyse our performance. This was an elimination round where approx 5/10 people got eliminated from each group.

Round 3 (Technical Interview): Around 12.00 PM. The interviewer introduced himself, and asked me to introduce myself after that. 

  1. He asked me to talk about my most recent project and what role I had in it. 
  2. He asked me about the subjects that I studied in my 6th semester.
  3. He asked me if I know what a compiler is, and how it is different from the interpreter.
  4. He asked me if I know SQL. I said I know the basic commands from what I have studied in my 11th and 12th.
  5. I was also asked why I want to work for Oracle coming from a EEE background.
  6. He then gave me the coding question and muted himself, giving me time to solve.
  7. First coding question was to reverse the words of a given string. E.g: “Oracle App Dev” should become “Dev App Oracle”
  8. Second coding question was to find duplicates in an array, the same question was asked in the next round also with a constraint to solve it in O(n), but I gave them an optimized answer in this round itself.

I could answer both the questions we were again put into one waiting room. It was again an elimination round, not sure how many people got eliminated.

Round 4 (Technical Interview 3): Around 3.00 PM

I was asked to introduce myself again and had a small chat about classical music.

  1. This round again involved coding, the first question was to swap 2 numbers 

    I used the XOR operator to do this, similar to the question below, but I had numbers instead of a string.

  2. The second question was to find duplicates in an array but this time came with constraint O(n) time and the array was read-only. I had already satisfied this condition in the code I wrote in the previous round so didn’t have to do much.

I was asked to wait in a waiting room.

Round 5 (HR): Around 5.00 PM. I was asked to talk about myself and tell them something that is not on my resume. I was asked about my preferred job location ( we had Bangalore and Hyderabad as options)

Verdict: Selected

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Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2020
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