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Oracle Interview Experience for Application Engineer (On-Campus 2020)

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Oracle visited our campus for hiring for the Application Engineer role. Oracle allowed all the circuit branch (CE, IT, EC) to participate in the process.

Around 300 people appeared for the online test.

Round 1 Online Test: The duration of the test is 107 min. This test is conducted on their own platform which was proctored (Camera and mic). The test consisted of four sections and in each section, there are many subsections. The time limit of each section is fixed and you can start with any section of your choice.

  • General Aptitude
  • Software Engineer
  • Coding Skill
  • Communication Skill

Aptitude, DSA Concepts(mainly AVL, Binary Search Tree, Flow chart completion), CS subjects theory from OS, DBMS, OOP’s, Software Engineering. And some English based aptitude and reasoning.

Around 90 students were shortlisted for each profile for further process. I was selected.

Round 2 Technical Interview: The interview started with both of our introduction, and then he asked me a few questions related OOPs concept. Then he asked about my favorite subject, I answered Data Structure and Algorithms. Then he asked me a couple of question-related Data Structure and Algorithm.

  1. Find the smallest positive number missing from an unsorted array.
  2. Find the Number Occurring Odd Number of Times.

Then he asked me question-related to DBMS. In DBMS he asked me to explain the concepts like ACID Properties, Transaction, and SQL. He also asked me to write a couple of queries. Finally, he gave me a puzzle to solve which I was unable to do so.

This round has lasted for around 50 min, and I was selected for the next round.

Round 3 Techincal Interview: In this round, the interviewer mainly focuses on my project.

  • Give a brief Introduction about the projects mentioned in the resume.
  • As my project was mostly based on Deep Learning and Machine Learning, he asked me question-related to Ml and Dl.
  • Then he gave me one coding question to solve. In this question, the array of numbers is given and in output, we have to return a string that will have the range of the given array.


    Input : Array= [1,2,3,4,6,,10,11,14
    Output: "1-4,6,10-11,14"
  • Finally, he asked me the four major OOPs concepts.

This round has lasted for around 40 min, and I was selected for the next round.

Round 4 Technical Interview: This round began with the introduction and the typical question tell me about yourself. Then he asked me about my experience of the Summer Internship and asked me about the project I have done in the Internship. Then he gave me a DS algo question and asked me to trace and explain my solution with the help of an example.

This is the final interview which lasts for 30 mins.

Verdict: Selected. I was among the 13 students selected.

Be confident during the interview, and if you don’t have any knowledge about a topic tell the interviewer, don’t beat around the bush. Be thorough with subjects like Data Structure and Algorithms, OOPS concepts, and DBMS.

Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2020
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