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Optum Global Solutions (A United Heatlh Care Company) Interview Experience

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Round 1:  First round was held online on cocubes platform. We were given the username password for the same. The test contained 30 aptitude questions(20 logical reasoning and data interpretation and 10 Quantitative) and 2 coding questions. The duration of test was 1 hour i.e. 30 minutes for aptitude questions and 30 minutes for coding.

Difficulty level: Aptitude questions were of moderate level. Focus on your speed and accuracy. Practice to solve long passage questions quickly and accurately.

Coding; There were two questions-

1. Find the 3rd last consonant in the given input string.

2. Merge two sorted linked list and output the given linked list without using any extra memory.

i was able to complete 1 question out of 2 coding questions in the given 30 minutes time.

Languages allowed- C, C++ and java.

Out of around 50-60 candidates, 10 candidates were selected for the interview.

 Round 2:(Technical Interview) Although it was an on campus placement but the interview was held online on webex. I actually was not that nervous because the interview was going to held online.

Interview begins with the brief introduction.

i told him about my interests- Machine learning and computer vision. He was quite interested into computer vision. Also, he told me that he is been working on computer vision for the last 3 years. i continued with my project work, actually my project was on computer vision as well. i explained him the convolutional neural network and its working, the layers in my model including maxpooling and softmax layers. he asked him a couple of questions that how did i arrange the dataset and some other related stuff.

After the project, He asked me what other stuff do i know about machine learning. I told him that i am a newbie to machine learning so i know some basic algorithms like linear regression and logistic regression. He continued with the linear regression and asked me to explain it from the scratch. Moreover, he asked about the error in the linear regression and some questions i also was not aware of, He did say that’s okay!

Be prepared with your resume, they asked each and every thing written in my resume.

He continued with some concepts of pointers and asked me to write the code as follows-

!. Void pointer and its implementation

2. Dangling pointer and its implementation.

After that he move to the theory part i.e. core subjects of computer science including algorithms, OS, Computer Networks, etc

He asked me the following questions

1. What is OSI Model?

2. On which layer does the ethernet lie in the OSI model (Answer- Physical layer)

3. What is sliding window protocol?

4. Explain TCP/IP model

5. Difference between TCP and UDP

6. Which protocol is used for mail transfer (Answer- TCP which works over SMTP)

7.  Sort the following sorting algorithms in terms of their time complexity- Heap sort, Quick sort, Merge sort, Selection Sort

TIP- Learn the concepts of core subjects as well. He was quite obsessed for the same.

The interview lasts for about an hour, The results declaration was immediate after the interview. I was called upon for the next round.

Round 3:(Managerial Round) This interview was quite easy and last for about 10-15 minutes.

He asked me the following-

1. Explain machine learning in simple words considering he didn’t even know what ML is.

2. Questions related team work and adaptability.

3. How will you manage if a team member had to go on leave urgently for a longer time period.

4. Are you a team player?

5. What is your biggest achievement and failure in your 4 years of engineering.

6. Since i mentioned, i play guitar as a hobby. he did asked me to explain how to play guitar in one minute.

Basically, they were testing mental stability and confidence.

The round ended with a puzzle-

There are 10 boxes full of coins each box can contain any no of coins. Out of 10 boxes, 9 boxes have genuine coins and 1 box have faulty coins. You are given a weighing machine, find the minimum number of attempts to find the box containing the faulty coins given that each genuine coin weigh 1gm and faulty coin weigh 1.1gm.(Answer – 1 attempt)

Round4:(HR round) If you have reached this far then you are almost selected. HR introduced about Optum and the type of work culture in the company, she gave me overview of latest trends and technologies currently in use in Optum. She asked me if I had any location preferences.

The result concluded out of 10 candidates selected for interview, 4 were selected and luckily, i was one of them.

Best of luck!

Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2019
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