Oppo On-Campus Placement Drive for Product Engineer

Allowed branches: (ECE, EEE & Mech. only)

Round 1: An objective written test

Around 45-50 questions, half of them Aptitude based and other half Core Electronics/Mechanical based. ECE & EEE students get identical paper, while Mechanical students get a different one.

Difficulty level is moderate.

Round 2: Technical Interview

It’s DIFFICULT and you need to perform really good here. You will be grilled on core technical knowledge. NO HR QUESTIONS, straight away core questions will be fired at you right after introduction. Prepare about your minor and major project and have decent knowledge of Electronics/Mechanical overall.

After these they will ask industry related questions, I was asked about 5G.

It’s difficult because a lot more students get rejected at this stage in comparison to other placement drives. Only 1/7 or 1/8 students made it through this round.

Round 3: HR Interview

Very basic and easy to crack. Unless you mess up real bad, you’ve almost got the job. Generic questions are asked only, feels a lot like just a formality.

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