OLA Cabs Interview Experience | Set 4 (For SDE 2)

I was recently interviewed for SDE 2 position at OlaCabs.

Round 1 (around 1 hour)
Design and implement a logging library. Preferred language was Java.
– There can be multiple appenders – like file, network, db etc. Should be easy to add appenders.
– Library should be easily configurable.
– Message format should be configurable.
– Logger should not add additional overhead.
– Must log to all appenders simultaneously.

Round 2 (around 1 hour)
Discussion on the design and the code you have written in round 1.
Was asked questions like concurrency handling etc.

Round 3 (1 hour)
– Application monitoring – how will you handle data coming from various applications?
– Ola operates within city limits (a fixed area). How to determine a user is inside that area and then show him available cabs. (Simpler problem is how to determine whether a point is inside a ploygon or not).
Given an array containing 0,1,2. Sort them maintaining the order in which they were in the original array.

Round 4(Managerial Round – 45 mins)
Basic questions like – your strengths, weeknesses, best moment, worst moment, why want to change, why ola?

Overall it was a good experience.

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