Ola Interview Experience | Set 14 (For SDE 1)

Round 1: coding competition on Hackerrank

It has 3 questions.

  • Ticket booking system: ‘N’ people are standing queue to collect tickets. Due to high demand, 1 person gets 1 ticket at a time. For another ticket, person should go back to the end of queue. It takes 1 second to issue a ticket. Given an array A containing number of tickets required for each person. Find the time required to I’th person to get all of his Ai number of tickets.
  • Given 2 arrays A, B. Return third array “C” such that, Ci=Number of elements available in A such that Ai<Ci
  • XOR operation: Given x, y, k find maximal value of a XOR b and equal to ‘K’ such that x<=a<b<=y

Round 2: F2F Coding Round

Round 3: F2F Coding round

Round 4: F2F Design round

Tip: While solving questions in F2F, express your ideas to interviewer instead thinking in mind.

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