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Octro Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2020

Octro Inc. visited our campus in November 2020. The process consisted of 4 rounds overall. (1 test and 3 interviews)

Online Round: The first round was an online test that consisted of 75 M.C.Q  consisting of technical, logical, verbal, numerical aptitude which was to be completed in 60 minutes.

The overall difficulty of this round was easy. You should have good accuracy and speed.

Out of ~70 students, 7 got shortlisted after this round. 

There were 3 rounds of online interviews. All rounds started with a “Tell me about yourself”. The questions are as follows

First Round(Technical): We had to write code on any local IDE on our system and share our screen. I was asked two coding questions:

  1. Write a program to calculate pow(x, n) using recursion.
  2. Find substring containing only the unique characters of a given string.

Second Round(Technical):  

  1. Projects discussion
  2. Print all subsets having a sum equal to a given sum in an array.
  3. Some DBMS questions related to indexing, SQL commands, Views.
  4. OOPs (Concepts like inheritance, data abstraction, and polymorphism),

Third Round(Techical+HR):

  1. I was asked 1 puzzle:
  2. 1 coding question: Total number of ways to reach bottom right corner from top left corner in a 2-D matrix (only d approach discussed.)
  3. HR questions (Why Octro, your life aim, salary expectations, and other common hr questions)

All the questions were worded differently. I just mentioned the crux of all the questions. 

3 students were given the offer at the end. (including me)

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