NCR Corp. Interview Experience for Software Engineer Role (On-Campus)

There were 5 rounds in total:
Round-1(1hr:30min): Online round, consisted of aptitude 25 questions(Medium), Technical-MCQ’s 25 questions(Hard), 3 Coding questions(Medium).
25 shortlisted out of 70 students.

Round-2(16min): Group Discussion, Two groups were made and gave us the topic to see the way we convey our ideas and our logical thinking based on the topic.
14 shortlisted out of 25 students.

Round-3(30min): Technical F2F-round, Based on C, C++, Java pure Basics(Hard) and asked questions based on the first online round and a bit technical part of academic projects.
7 shortlisted out of 14 students.

Round-4(15min): Managerial-round, asked me about current cutting-edge technologies, spoke about our projects on DataScience, Blockchain and more, had a normal conversation and putting you in a tuff situation to see your response.

Round-5(15min): HR-round, Typical hr questions to make you think twice while answering.
Finally, 4 members were offered a job out of 70 students and I was one among them.


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