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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Biology

Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2024
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Class 9 NCERT Solutions are developed to help students to provide solutions on different topics for different grades students. The NCERT Solutions for different topics for different grades students. The NCERT Solutions for Class 9 give a detailed explanation of every question that is important for exams and that provides a step by step results to the questions in the NCERT Class 9 textbooks. The NCERT Solutions cover a range of subjects including History, Political Science, Geography, and Economics.

NCERT Solution for Class 9 Biology

NCERT Solution for Class 9 Biology provides a comprehensive understanding of the material covered in their class and it helps the student to make a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding of the generalities. This helps them to score good marks in their academics. These solutions provide students with an invaluable aid to excel in their studies. The accessibility and availability of NCERT Solutions further contribute to their effectiveness and reach. These results are written by experts in their own separate disciplines. It’s drafted to reflect the format and difficulty position of the factual examinations, which provides scholars with a precious tool for examination.

Chapter 5 : The Fundamental Unit Of Life

Chapter 6 : Tissues

Chapter 12: Improvement In Food Resources

Chapter 5: The Fundamental Unit Of Life

The chapter “Fundamental Unit of Life” explores the essential components that make up all living beings, serving as an important introduction to biology. The term ‘cell’ will be elaborated in detail that makes up all living beings, serving as an important introduction to biology. The variations in the shapes and sizes of the cell can be studied in detail. Cell membrane, cell wall, cytoplasm, and nucleus which are the basic organelles can be elaborated upon along with other cell organelles. The process of cell division, which allows the cell to grow, is also defined.

Chapter 6: Tissues

Chapter 6 on Tissues examines the intriguing way of how cells come together to form tissues. The different functions of various kinds of tissues are examined in this particular chapter. Both plants and animals are made up of tissues. Plant tissues are of two types-meritematic and permanent. Animal tissues are also explained in detail which are of 4 types-Epithelial tissue, Connective tissue, Muscular tissue, and Nervous tissue. These tissues are further divided based on their function and shape.

Chapter 12: Improvement In Food Resources

Chapter 12 on Improvement in Food resources provides a thorough understanding of the crucial role that agriculture plays in feeding the expanding world population. This chapter discusses multiple agricultural methods and technologies that have altered the way humans produce and manage food resources with a focus on improving food output and quality. The chapter describes the development of agriculture from conventional practices to contemporary ones, emphasizing the Green Revolution and the value of crop variety. The different practices related to agricultural industry include sowing, nutrition management, irrigation, crop protection and storage. Animal husbandry includes the management of livestock. This is further divided into cattle farming, poultry farming, fish farming and bee keeping.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Biology

  • Clarity of Concepts: NCERT Solutions for class 9 provides a strong foundation in biological concepts. These given solutions break down complex topics into detailed explanations, It ensures that the students break the complex problems into small and easy-to-learn concepts that will get them a better understanding.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: NCERT Solutions covers the entire class 9 Biology curriculum. In each chapter, NCERT Solutions offers step-by-step coverage of each topic in detail. It ensures that students have access to a concise answer which makes the process seamless and holistic.
  • Visual Aid and Illustrations: To develop the experience of learning NCERT Solution for class 9 Biology visual aids and illustrations have been incorporated. The inclusion of diagrams and flowcharts gives you a better understanding of the given topic.
  • Practice Questions: Regular practice using these solutions not only strengthens conceptual understanding but also boosts confidence when faced with biology-related assessments and examinations. The solutions include additional practice questions that allow students to test their problem-solving skills.


NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Biology are essential resources for students studying in Class 9, as they help students to learn and understand the subject thoroughly and prepare for their exams effectively. By using these solutions, students can enhance their learning and develop a better understanding of the subject. These solutions also provides practice questions and exercises that can help students prepare for their exams and improve their performance.

FAQs on Class 9 Biology

1. Are NCERT Solutions Biology of Class 9 useful for competitive exams?

Answers: While NCERT Solutions of Biology Class 9 are excellent for understanding the concepts, competitive exams often require additional preparation beyond the NCERT syllabus. It is advisable to refer to supplementary study materials specifically designed for competitive exams.

2. Are NCERT Solutions important for Class 9 students?

Answer: Yes, NCERT Solutions are highly important for Class 9 students. The NCERT textbooks are the primary source of information for CBSE students, and the solutions provide a detailed understanding of the topics covered in the textbooks.

3. Are NCERT Solutions Biology enough for Class 9 Biology Exam Preparation?

Answer: It provides a strong foundation for Class 9 Biology exam preparation. However, to score well in exams, it is recommended to solve additional practice questions, refer to sample papers, and revise the topics thoroughly.

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