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My placement journey | Journey from a student to a Placed Student

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“Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are even possible”

Mao Zedong

I am the kind of person who doesn’t even have dreams of being topper one day, for whom only passing marks is a blessing. But like someone had said “you must love yourself first and know your worth”, I also started my journey of being nothing to being placed, but while starting the journey I don’t even have a clue that it would turn to be a nightmare that I won’t forget ever. The starting of the 7th sem started a flair of competition among everyone, the “josh was high“, everyone is preparing for aptitude sessions, gate, cat, etc. The day came when our first exam was scheduled, it was “TCS” my first failure, the failure that let me know that I lacked something behind very long since and it was “coding”. Many of my friends got placed in TCS and that competitive nature got more intensified after seeing our failures. The second one came it was fully based on coding and again the same thing repeated, I failed. It was “Compro”, after two successive failures also, I don’t have any clue that what should I do, should I focus on my coming semester exams that always seems to be horrifying terror to me because if I got failed I can’t even think of these placement things or should I focus on my programming skills or should I do aptitude practice. When these things revolve around in your mind, the remedy that helps the best is friendship. At least you can say that there are more like me who are unplaced, lol.

But after some more days the failure repeats when I cleared the first round but got out in technical round, and when one of my friends got placed. The formal which we wore during the placements is no seeming to be a symbol of shame because we, again and again, went for the interviews and got rejected and the embarrassing moment was then when someone asks about “How’s your placement today?”. But like a warrior, you need to stand up in this competitive world. The very second day, I waked up and again went to the campus drive, it was “stealth technocrats”, I didn’t think that having huge competitions with my class toppers I will make it. But I made it and I got placed. I was happy, my inbox got filled with wishes but that even lasts longer. Another opportunity came, it was “LTI”, it was an off-campus drive somewhere in Kolkata and we went up at 5 AM in that cold morning and went up for the drive after 8 hours of terrible waiting we had our exam and the disastrous one for me because this time I won’t even clear the thing in which I thought I was best at (aptitude). Most of my friends who got placed with me in stealth got placed there and the ones whom I think I have a piece of better knowledge. It was such a depressing time seeing all your friends getting placed in MNC’s and the friends who don’t even have better knowledge than you. The failure continues with “Wipro” & “Cloudkaptan” and as the rule of the nature “when problems comes it comes in bulk”, there are certain other things that are also throwing me to that deep well of depression, family pressure, a broken love life, some insidious persons and a lot of the environment. The class environment got changed, the placed ones now have there owned group talking all day about their joining letters and salary, locations and many more and we are feeling like that every inferior people of the society whose voice has been muffled.

The worst phase is when you get a piece of advice from the person who knows nothing and you know you are better than them and still, you can’t do anything despite hearing their lectures and even though they are telling for your goodwill but these things irritate a lot. Even my so-called best friends are also got busy in their life and why not they are placed in MNC and we are still running for a higher package, still chasing for that package in that cold morning going here and there. But I made my mind that I need to grab the next one, focus on one thing the thing in which I am good. The next exam was scheduled it was “CTS”, I got enough time, my preparation was full but when the result came I didn’t found my name in the list, I confirmed with the TPO but he said it is the final one. I was lost and shattered, the day I remember when I talked for more than 30 minutes with my friend telling them every disaster of my life and got slept resolving not sitting in any campusing now. But the next morning, the news came like any Bollywood movie that due to sudden mistakes our name has not been sent to TPO and we have been shortlisted for the interview. It was a life-giving moment to a soul, I had 15 days and a lot to prepare for and it’s a do or die opportunity for me. The day of the interview came, my name was called and I closed my eye and remembered the journey, I went to the TR, and further for the HR round and this failure also made his mark and got placed.
If I had quitted the journey after my six failures I would have not made it. You know I don’t ever want to be known by a “topper”, I always prefer “failures” because a topper has many things to lose but a failure has the universe to achieve”.

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Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2019
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